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For 40 years, our customers have been telling success stories experienced alongside Methodos Group. These stories, recounting cultural and mindset changes, are what make up our DNA.

Our affinity with you allows us to provide tailor made hi-tech and digital programs, with consolidated approaches, methodologies, data and tools.

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Concrete results, opportunities for innovation, new digital technologies: this is what you gain when you work with us.

But above all, we are committed to enabling you to gain these results in the field, at the right pace, working alongside you as part of your team.

To achieve successful results, innovation programs require coordinated actions in different areas of work: strategic, cultural, organizational, operational, and technological.

This is why we accompany your organization and people all the way up to the achievement of the expected results and the discovery of unexplored futures.



Discover your strategy and digital opportunities

Your business strategy is defined in all its financial and pre-financial aspects in order to set the direction for all your plans to evolve in relation to organization, processes, and technology.

Starting from the company business strategy, the digital maturity assessment, and the digital capability profile, you can discover and select your  project opportunities portfolio, which could span from digital products and services to digital customers, markets and channels, digital enterprise, and IT solutions.

Feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis and approval

Starting from your project opportunities portfolio, we help you  identify and measure the business benefits and the project costs.

Together, we build business cases and organize original workshops that enable project approval from key stakeholders and board executives.

Engage your people in tech evolution

Real digital change is related to mindset, not just to solutions and infrastructures. Through a tech culture strategy, you can design a specific program, which makes transition happen. The innovation mindset and skills of your people will be boosted by programs and a multiplicity of highly engaging solutions.

But engagement is not enough. Your people need to work in an organization where processes, roles, and responsibilities are clearly defined and adopted. For this reason we focus on micro-organizational alignment, working alongside you, as part of your team, in implementing and fine tuning the new working methods on the field.

Design organization and processes

Through agile methods and workshops, the target operating model answers the question, “Which processes and business components should we focus on, in terms of strategic value, operational efficiency, organizational effectiveness, people growth, and environmental footprint?”

The model co-defined with your key stakeholders lets you maximize your strategic value through the design of an appropriate organization, processes and tools.

We advise you and your implementation partners, ensuring that digital and business processes are designed around user experience. We apply design thinking and agile methods to maximize intuitiveness, ease of use, and, ultimately, to fully satisfy the job to be done and the gain from the new processes and tools.

Managing project for results

To help you achieve results, we offer all our expertise on program and project management, which lets you address and connect all the different partners and working domains for a successful project.

Quality, adoption, and fulfillment are guaranteed by barometer methods combined with other methodologies that track project health and prevent risks.

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